Sunday, October 16, 2011

Why Do I Have Nothing To Post About?

'Cause I've been reading!

I've been reading the entire Alex Rider series. I'm on the eighth book, Crocodile Tears.

'Cause I've watching TV!

We have been watching two different shows almost constantly for the past two weeks. Top Gear, on the BBC America channel, and The Big Bang Theory re-runs on TBS.

'Cause I've been messing around with quick-fixes!

Christmas gifts, that is. And, also, Working on a new blanket. It's the Stained Glass Window Blanket found here. My Guage is off, since I couldn't find my 5.5mm hook, so I spent all last night trying to find a way to extend the pattern. It succeeded, and when I'm done with my FIRST panel, I'll snap a picture and show y'all.

'Cause I've been messing with this little thing:

Aww, I just love Little Bit!

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