Friday, January 28, 2011

New, New, News...

Sorry that I haven't posted lately.

After I finished this blanket on Monday night, I got very intense pains in my shoulders, so no crocheting. =(

But yesterday, we got a letter in mail. It was a $10 coupon from AC Moore for our points on the card or whatever. IDK how it all works. But anyway....

Ever since I went through...
I have wanted to try hairpin lace, and I found the thing that I needed(other picture). It was only about $6, and mom got some other stuff and our total equaled up to $9.70. Basically, we got the stuff for free. XD

And another thing that happened yesterday.....

I got my hair cut!

I think that I kinda look like Claudia from Warehouse 13.

Minus the goggles and the colored streak, of course! XD
(I donated my hair to Locks of Love, BTW)

What happened to you this week?

The emperor says,
"Happy Weekend. And take lots and lots of naps."

Sunday, January 23, 2011

A Happy Welcome

To the newest member of Darkside Farm,


That's him with his mom, Lipstick. (Please don't laugh. Ah, go ahead. XD)

And here is some more pictures as a welcome for Redgie!

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Cleaning Stinks.

It stinks because it means that I can't...:





I accually have found time to blog!!! =)

 We found a place for that shawl! Well, not its permanent  place, but it's a place! XD

We cleaned off my dresser! I didn't even know it had a wood top..... LOL. ^_^

We got my books and my crocheting books in order!

We have organized my huge yarn stash! It now spreads from my drawers, to under my bed, to now in my closet! XD And the granny square dress might just end up on the back shelf.... for now, anyway.

I still found time to crochet roughly 30 chain dasies,

My first ever Tunisnian Crochet project(that curls very badly!),

And to start a retro-colored blanket for my room!

And the pets?
Sugar is sleeping a lot more lately

And the Governor behaved very badly and got his little butt kicked out this morning.

Well, here's two pictures to keep you happy until Daddy finally fixes my computer! (I'm on his! He he!)

And, let's add a little humor---

Have a great week!

Friday, January 14, 2011

Yay! Happy Birthday!

All of my friends on Facebook have commented me "Happy Birthday!" so much that I had to charge my iPod! XD I love all of my friends.

You, know that means you, too!

Have a great day and drool over this coolio cake picture I found!

Have a great day, y'all!!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011


Daddy should be working on my computer, but we haven't touched it, and something's gone wrong with the photo upload with my computer. XP

But, I'm on Daddy's computer so I can post!

Here's a scarf I made last week. I used some of my old Girl Scout Fun Patches and other patches that I've collected.

I've decided to make a hooded scarf, so here's the hood...

And this is a very bad picture of the scarf!

I made this crochet cover for a painted bottle I had in my room. We're re-decorating my room, so I made that. Next, the coke bottles! Ha ha! XD

It's been snowing like who knows what! It snowed last week, iced over, and then melted. This week, now, it's at the iced over stage. XD

And my BFF, McMonster is back on blogger! She is the girl of many nicknames... XD

Well, in other news...


It's just a subtle hint... he he lol XD

Enjoy the snow if you have any!

"Never trust a man who wears suspenders and a belt. Why, you ask? Well, if a man can't trust his own pants, who can he trust?" ~Daddy

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Miss Kitty.....

I was going through the pictures on my laptop, and I found old pictures of our old cat, Miss Kitty!

These were taken back in 2008 before she ran off...

Well, we went on vacation. Nanster and Papa let her out a lot, but she started freaking out and left.

When we first got her, it was in 2007. Some family friends parked their RV in our back yard and joined our business. We went on vacation in 2007, and Kathy called us and told us about a kitty that she had befriended. When we got home, they deiced to go and visit her mother-in-law, so for a week I called her 'Mis Kitty' after the 'Gunsmoke' character, and also.... she was just a kitty!

The last picture... I bet that you can't guess where she was sleeping...

Miss Kitty was sleeping on an ironing board, set up in the office, with an old blanket on it. Every single time that she jumped up there, we had to hold the ironing board so it wouldn't tip over! XD

Wednesday, January 5, 2011


Something is wrong with my computer and my camera, so I can't post my new scarf, so instead, how's about a simple, pretty, and adorable picture?

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year!!!

It's a Brand New Year! Let's make the best of it!

Well, the photo is from Hillary's Facebook page, but it's pretty all the same!

And resolutions?

I resolved to not make any resolutions this year....

Ha ha ha. Only an hour into the New Year and I mess up my resolution! Ha ha ha! XD

Happy New Year!