Saturday, January 8, 2011

Miss Kitty.....

I was going through the pictures on my laptop, and I found old pictures of our old cat, Miss Kitty!

These were taken back in 2008 before she ran off...

Well, we went on vacation. Nanster and Papa let her out a lot, but she started freaking out and left.

When we first got her, it was in 2007. Some family friends parked their RV in our back yard and joined our business. We went on vacation in 2007, and Kathy called us and told us about a kitty that she had befriended. When we got home, they deiced to go and visit her mother-in-law, so for a week I called her 'Mis Kitty' after the 'Gunsmoke' character, and also.... she was just a kitty!

The last picture... I bet that you can't guess where she was sleeping...

Miss Kitty was sleeping on an ironing board, set up in the office, with an old blanket on it. Every single time that she jumped up there, we had to hold the ironing board so it wouldn't tip over! XD


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