Tuesday, January 11, 2011


Daddy should be working on my computer, but we haven't touched it, and something's gone wrong with the photo upload with my computer. XP

But, I'm on Daddy's computer so I can post!

Here's a scarf I made last week. I used some of my old Girl Scout Fun Patches and other patches that I've collected.

I've decided to make a hooded scarf, so here's the hood...

And this is a very bad picture of the scarf!

I made this crochet cover for a painted bottle I had in my room. We're re-decorating my room, so I made that. Next, the coke bottles! Ha ha! XD

It's been snowing like who knows what! It snowed last week, iced over, and then melted. This week, now, it's at the iced over stage. XD

And my BFF, McMonster is back on blogger! She is the girl of many nicknames... XD

Well, in other news...


It's just a subtle hint... he he lol XD

Enjoy the snow if you have any!

"Never trust a man who wears suspenders and a belt. Why, you ask? Well, if a man can't trust his own pants, who can he trust?" ~Daddy


  1. Happy Birthday! My youngest grand baby shares your birthday and will be 3. I got her some softy pink bunny slippers and some Princess memory cards.

  2. What a great idea with the scarf and love the bottle..it's all good Cate, as usual. Thanks for being a sweetie and welcoming me back. So, tomorrow is the big day....I'll be back.


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