Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Cleaning Stinks.

It stinks because it means that I can't...:





I accually have found time to blog!!! =)

 We found a place for that shawl! Well, not its permanent  place, but it's a place! XD

We cleaned off my dresser! I didn't even know it had a wood top..... LOL. ^_^

We got my books and my crocheting books in order!

We have organized my huge yarn stash! It now spreads from my drawers, to under my bed, to now in my closet! XD And the granny square dress might just end up on the back shelf.... for now, anyway.

I still found time to crochet roughly 30 chain dasies,

My first ever Tunisnian Crochet project(that curls very badly!),

And to start a retro-colored blanket for my room!

And the pets?
Sugar is sleeping a lot more lately

And the Governor behaved very badly and got his little butt kicked out this morning.

Well, here's two pictures to keep you happy until Daddy finally fixes my computer! (I'm on his! He he!)

And, let's add a little humor---

Have a great week!


  1. LOL that sign says it all....oh my.. Dontcha just hate having to clean even though it all looks so pretty afterward? and you can see dresser tops made out of wood and all... Lots of yarn....mine is in a storage container in my closet and in a square foot stool in the living room and in the one Ikea closet I have in the bedroom spread over 2 shelves there....Have fun, enjoy the day
    Hugs from South Texas,,,Birgit

  2. Ha ha ha! Yeah, I hate cleaning even though I like the outcome. XD Thanks, Brigit!

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  4. Wow Cate, the curtain is gorgeous! I don't like cleaning either. That sign really is something.

  5. I love the look of where that shawl is!

  6. Your shawl gives me some GREAT ideas! That sign is hilarious!

  7. WHOA. That`s so cool!! Man, I didn`t even know you had a wood top!! XD And all the times I`ve been down there too :o ANYWAYS, I`m so happy you cleaned up! :D That gives us some more sleeping room huh? You can call me anytime, and you know my number.

    See ya big sissy!

  8. Hahaha! I'll call you soon, little sissy Micky!

  9. Aiight. Sorry, but I'm being anonymous. :O


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