Monday, November 29, 2010

My Front Porch

The last time that y'all saw my front porch was back in April! 8-0

Well, I was sooo bored today I decided to do something along the lines of a crochet photo shoot! Enjoy my photos! lol. =D

Very colorful. =P

A little bit closer....

This photo doesn't do this scarf justice! It's a GORGEOUS purple!

My Owl Bag. =)

A hat made last night....  =)  I personally love the flower.

I like this one, too. =)

IDK why, but this one seems the most relaxing. ^_^

My purple doily!

Up close!

It may be just a scrap motif, but I LOVE it!

A cute charm bracelet. I like this one the epicest most!

What do you do when you're bored and can't crochet???

Sunday, November 28, 2010

My Zac Hat

Just in case that anyone you know is obcessed with the Zac Brown Band or you wanna make it for yourself, here's my pattern:

Begin: ch 4, sl st to make a ring.

Rnd 1: ch 3, 9 dc in ring. sl st to 3rd ch.
Rnd 2: ch 3, dc in joining ch, 2 dc in each dc. sl st into joining ch.
Rnd 3: ch 3, dc in joining ch. *1 dc, 2 dc* all around. sl st into 3rd ch.
Rnd 4: ch 3, dc in joining ch. *dc in next 2 dc, 2 dc* all around. sl st into 3rd ch.
Rnd 5: ch 3, dc in joining ch. *dc in next 3 dc, 2 dc* all around. sl st into 3rd ch.
Rnd 6: ch 3, dc in joining ch. *dc in next 4 dc, 2 dc* all around. sl st into 3rd ch.
Rnd 7-12: ch 3,dc in each dc. sl st in 3rd ch.
Rnd 13: ch 3, dc in each dc. change to second color with sl st.
Rnd 14-16: Same as 7.
Rnd 17: ch 3, dc in each dc. sl st in 3rd ch and fasten off.

By the way, this one is kinda tight, so if you want it looser, just add one or two more beginning rounds. I wrote the pattern tight 'cause his hat looks sorta tight.

If you do make it, let me know! I wanna see it! =)

 (PS: Re-Edit is Here!)

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Finally, Presents!

After 7 hours, four things of tape, two weeks worth of newspaper, and 5 hours of Christmas music, I finally finished wrapping the presents!

Momma's and Daddy's presents about to go into the boxes!

The last two boxes are completed!

Nanster's and Papa's blanket, about to be packed!

Boxes before wrapping....

And after! I love 'em!

Merry Christmas!

~*~ Finished! ~*~

I finally finished that Zac Hat for Daddy!

Christmas is here at my house!
Tilt your head, you know you wanna! =P

And some great stuff from upstairs! Yay!!!

I made a new outfit for my rabbit and little dog! Inspired by a nutcracker! lol!

My station is locked on 99.5 WMAG for 'Continuous Christmas Music, Sponsored by WFMY News 2 Winter Feast!' lol.  ^_^

Wrapping the boxes! Be back later with some gifts and wrapped up pretty ones! lol. ^_^

I totally love this time of year! Then again, who doesn't? XD

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Heyy, Zac!

Ever heard of the Zac Brown Band?

Well, they're completely AWESOME! Daddy downloaded their albums to iTunes and I put them on my iPod.

Anyway, the main guy, Zac, he has a signature hat. Check it>>>>

(Click to enlarge)
See that guy on the farrr left? Yeah, that's him and his hat.

Here's a better one:

(Click to enlarge)
This one is defiantly better. I have the colors for the hat, but how soon can I make it??

Whee! We're Home!!!!

We just got in this morning! Check out some of the pictures I took!

And we also ran into the Griswolds!

Right now, you're either laughing out of your chair or opening a new tab to look them up.

There they are! They were holding up traffic in the left lane, and when Daddy said "I wish that the Griswolds would get out of the middle lane," the whole two lanes parted, and in the middle of the road was a dead dog. No kidding. Then Daddy said, "That dog's either been dragged or they just threw him out." I laughed for almost forty miles. XDDD

I made these on the trip. I loved the pattern so much I made another pair.

 Here's Momma's!

I don't think that he really cares that we're home..... lol. I left him in the same spot.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

I'm Out!

I'm heading to Connecticut with my Daddy!

See y'all later in the week, and this time I'll have something worth showing! LOL.

Monday, November 22, 2010

I've Made Some Ordaments!

Nothing much, but here they are!

Thanks to Clara for inspiration!

And in these jingle bells I found a cute little peace sign charm! I'm saving it for a special little Christmas present! I'll show it when it's done. =)

Sunday, November 21, 2010


I just finished 'Mockingjay" and now I'm out of books to read. =\

I'll read the series again, but maybe when I get over these weird dreams.....

lol. ^_^

Catching Fire is the second book in The Hunger Games trilogy. In this second book in the series, it continues what lies ahead for Katniss and Peeta, the first two tributes to make it out of the arena alive. But when President Snow isn't convinced of their love, he begins a forced-engagement. But when Katniss's actions in the arena begin to fuel a full-scale rebellion against the Capitol, Snow has something up his sleeves- Choosing 24 Victors and making them battle it out in the 3rd Quarter Quell.... but with their new allies, can they brake all the rules and fuel the rebellion?

In the third and final book in The Hunger Games trilogy, Katniss is taken to the rumored-to-still-exist District 13. They ask her to become their Mockingjay, which she accepts, only with her own terms, such as her family's safety, Peeta's and other Victors' immunity, and the great honor as to kill the much hated President Snow. When the powers in 13 decide that the best way to stir up the rebellion is to show Katniss in all sorts of War-time scenarios, they require the help of some whiz-kids to get the job done. But when the time finally comes to trespass across enemy lines and kill Snow, things go out of proportion and gruel things are done. When she finally comes to, can she save Peeta and Penam from a newer, evil dictator she thought was an ally?

BTW, I've also crocheted some ornaments, but I have no pictures! Sorry, maybe tomorrow?...

Saturday, November 20, 2010


Lately, Momma's been so happy.

She hasn't been flopping into bed tired anymore,
She's read three full-length novels this week,
She's cooked for almost four days straight now,
Never grumpy,
And did I mention excessively happy???

Momma's been in some kind of a deep funk until she quit Hospice, and now she can't be any happier.

I love my Momma.

Friday, November 19, 2010

Guess What?

I have a pic on iCrochet!

It's of my little mousie!

He is now living a happy and elevated life on our mantle! (I'd show a picture but my camera cards are quacked!)


In language today, I was to write a sentence containing the verb "Teach". Before I knew it, I wrote:

"I tried to teach my friends how to crochet, but my attempts were in vain."

I wrote that before I even was thinking about the verb. Well, the statement's completely true. Only two girls took off. One is out of the hobby, and the other girl won't even talk to me....

Friends are confusing.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Oh, How Wonderful.


Niiiiiiiice, Dunise(Look on nicknames). She called on one of those 'chain voice mail' for the church. And she left a special message for my age group: 

"Friends Club, please bring your necklaces to class so we may keep them safe, and please also bring your charms that you have earned."


This is why I absolutely HATE being a kid. EVERYONE thinks that I'm irresponsable. What am I going to do with this? Yeah, I'm going tonight, but my necklace is staying home. Chew on that, CE BOARD! MWAH HA HA! lol!

But seriously, they think that I'm irresponsible. Ehh, starch that. They think that my entire age level is irresponsible. Well, that last statement is true, excluding me. How many other 13-year-olds do you know that crochet while watching The CBS Evening News and Jeopardy and screams when someone tried to change the channels?!

When they ask me where my necklace is this is what I'm gonna say:

"I think I'm old enough to keep track of a necklace, thankyouverymuch."

But I'll think:

"Stick THAT in Dunise's complaint box, idiots! Hah!"

What's the most insulting thing that someone has done or said to you? This is in my top 100's. Go figure.

Yah I Hate....

I REALLY, SERIOUSLY hate power outages. It's about 1:10 AM here. The power's been out since around either 10 or 11, I can't remember. Lighting candles and calling the telephone company, yeppers, that's what I did. After that, I used a candle and read the rest of Syren, which I haven't been able to put down today. I also went to the orthodontist and got new colors and new wires to boot. Christmas is right around the corner, but I chose some awful color that look like I'm celebrating the 4th of July.... NEVER, EVER, EVER! CHOOSE JADE AS A SUBSTITUTE FOR GREEN, OR GET GOLD. EV-ER. Well, I'm all riled up, so I guess that I'm hitting 'Catching Fire' next. Can't wait for Miss Sage's next SH(Septimus Heap) book, Darke. I have a feeling that it will mostly revolve around Si and Luce.... ;-) Finally, without the custodians to interrupt!!!!

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Yay! Updates ;D

Here are some updates...

You probably can't see it too good, but it's a light-up crochet hook. =)

Like it??

It was all Momma's idea, and I LOVE it!

And here's my current blanket! I've working on it for some time now, maybe a couple of days.

On Sunday, JJ must've learned not to ask me for historical reference, but not so much with verses. She asked me what one verse said, and I said it word-for-word, and I haven't even read it! I've heard it all my life, tho. ANNNDDDD...... Tiffster got glasses! I need my eyes checked...... BTW, so does my mom. While we were watching a movie, she said, "I see two heads..."

I'm going to a dentist/braces appointment tomorrow. =\ Last one this year, tho. =) I'm gonna get red and green for Christmas. Why no white, you may ask? The white gets to be a really ugly tan color after you eat lunch and no matter how much brushing that you do, you can never get it to that original white again. =\ Ah, well.

Saturday, November 13, 2010

My Crazy Cat!

Whiule I was working on my latest blanket, Daddy told me to come and look at something.... and 'looking' was not just all that I did...

I took pictures!

My crazy cat sure can sleep.

But That's NOT the funniest part of it...

He's asleep..... BEHIND OUR RECLINERS.

I hope that you enjoyed this, 'cause I sure did!

My Christmas Present.....

Hello! I told you in my last post about my parents getting me a whole lot of yarn for Christmas, and I FINALLY got it all put away! Check 'em out:

3 balls of RH super saver, Patons Shetland Country, and RH Curly Q

Fishermen's Wool LBY. Completely half off! Momma wants me to make her a blanket for her Queen-sized bed, so she bought all the Fishermen's Wool they had in stock.

 RH Stripes!

RH supersaver, Spark-a-Doodle, Designer Sport; Patons Shetland Country; Bernet Chunky

I also bought some of Vanna White's yarn, and I'm making a blanket with the pattern that I found here.

I also made my bunny and my dog a new sweater and a new dress.

And I have these books to read! I bought them at Books-a-Million last week. I'll start on them after I finish my current book(In a series with 'Syren'), Queste. Spent $52 bucks on these three. They only came in hardcover. '=|

I'm also cleaning up my room for Christmas. Some people do that during the spring, but I prefer to do before Christmas. LOL, I'm disoriented.