Monday, November 29, 2010

My Front Porch

The last time that y'all saw my front porch was back in April! 8-0

Well, I was sooo bored today I decided to do something along the lines of a crochet photo shoot! Enjoy my photos! lol. =D

Very colorful. =P

A little bit closer....

This photo doesn't do this scarf justice! It's a GORGEOUS purple!

My Owl Bag. =)

A hat made last night....  =)  I personally love the flower.

I like this one, too. =)

IDK why, but this one seems the most relaxing. ^_^

My purple doily!

Up close!

It may be just a scrap motif, but I LOVE it!

A cute charm bracelet. I like this one the epicest most!

What do you do when you're bored and can't crochet???


  1. hi i wish i had a porch like yours. I think my favourite photo is of the doily i would love to crochet something as creative and delicate as that.Must be time consuming tho and a lot of patience

  2. I love the afghan. I haven't seen that pattern before...the purple motifs. I've been doing a little amigurumi but I'm moving on to the hats next. When I want something else to do other than crochet, I love spending time with my daughter, my three cats and listening to music. I like to go for walks too when the weather is nice.

  3. Cool! love spending time with my family, too! Thanks about the afghan. I made the squares myself. I actually posted it somewhere on my blog. OH, here's the link to that post is you wanna check it out>>

  4. Wow! You crocheted such beautiful things, they all look gorgeous! Well, what I do when bored and can't crochet??? Perhaps doing photography like you do :), or reading a book, enjoying coffee, talking with my Mom, playing with my dog, going around blog world and commenting on their post!

  5. Thank you! Strange, I also like to do the same things when I'm not crocheting! Ha ha!


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