Saturday, November 20, 2010


Lately, Momma's been so happy.

She hasn't been flopping into bed tired anymore,
She's read three full-length novels this week,
She's cooked for almost four days straight now,
Never grumpy,
And did I mention excessively happy???

Momma's been in some kind of a deep funk until she quit Hospice, and now she can't be any happier.

I love my Momma.


  1. That is good to hear. Must have been stressful there. Thanks again for dropping by!

  2. Very stressful indeed! They didn't tell her about her way of doing the sheets, and they yelled at her ten months in about it, made her on call for the week she had to work in the office nearly 65 Miles away, on call on Thanksgiving, which was not only Thanksgiving but her last day there. She finally walked out a couple of weeks ago!


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