Monday, November 22, 2010

I've Made Some Ordaments!

Nothing much, but here they are!

Thanks to Clara for inspiration!

And in these jingle bells I found a cute little peace sign charm! I'm saving it for a special little Christmas present! I'll show it when it's done. =)


  1. Just wonderful Cate! You could even dangle a jingle bell with a little piece of yarn at the bottom of one of those ornaments or a bead. These are just great. I'm going to direct everyone to come on over to your blog in my next post. Everyone is looking for quick and easy ideas this time of the year.

  2. Thanks! That's a good idea with the beads, but I'm just too lazy to go upstairs and get right now! LOL!

  3. Your ornaments are really cute Cate, I came over from Clara's blog, love the little mouse.. Keep up the good work.. :))

  4. Your ornaments are so cute. I found you through Clara's blog too. Take care.

  5. Thanks! It's all I can find to say! lol. Thank you for the nice comments!!!

  6. Hey, I know some of them are for me.
    ~McMonster. :D

  7. Found you through Clara's blog.. too cool the ornaments.. Always looking for those quick little gifts and the different ones that are out here..
    Love your trip story.. Hugs from South Texas


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