Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Yah I Hate....

I REALLY, SERIOUSLY hate power outages. It's about 1:10 AM here. The power's been out since around either 10 or 11, I can't remember. Lighting candles and calling the telephone company, yeppers, that's what I did. After that, I used a candle and read the rest of Syren, which I haven't been able to put down today. I also went to the orthodontist and got new colors and new wires to boot. Christmas is right around the corner, but I chose some awful color that look like I'm celebrating the 4th of July.... NEVER, EVER, EVER! CHOOSE JADE AS A SUBSTITUTE FOR GREEN, OR GET GOLD. EV-ER. Well, I'm all riled up, so I guess that I'm hitting 'Catching Fire' next. Can't wait for Miss Sage's next SH(Septimus Heap) book, Darke. I have a feeling that it will mostly revolve around Si and Luce.... ;-) Finally, without the custodians to interrupt!!!!


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