Saturday, November 27, 2010

~*~ Finished! ~*~

I finally finished that Zac Hat for Daddy!

Christmas is here at my house!
Tilt your head, you know you wanna! =P

And some great stuff from upstairs! Yay!!!

I made a new outfit for my rabbit and little dog! Inspired by a nutcracker! lol!

My station is locked on 99.5 WMAG for 'Continuous Christmas Music, Sponsored by WFMY News 2 Winter Feast!' lol.  ^_^

Wrapping the boxes! Be back later with some gifts and wrapped up pretty ones! lol. ^_^

I totally love this time of year! Then again, who doesn't? XD


  1. Hat looks great Cate...can you point us to the pattern or did you make it up yourself? Looks like you are getting into the spirit of things. Have a great weekend.

  2. Thanks! I came up with the pattern myself! Hope you have a great weekend, too, Miss Clara!


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