Thursday, November 25, 2010

Whee! We're Home!!!!

We just got in this morning! Check out some of the pictures I took!

And we also ran into the Griswolds!

Right now, you're either laughing out of your chair or opening a new tab to look them up.

There they are! They were holding up traffic in the left lane, and when Daddy said "I wish that the Griswolds would get out of the middle lane," the whole two lanes parted, and in the middle of the road was a dead dog. No kidding. Then Daddy said, "That dog's either been dragged or they just threw him out." I laughed for almost forty miles. XDDD

I made these on the trip. I loved the pattern so much I made another pair.

 Here's Momma's!

I don't think that he really cares that we're home..... lol. I left him in the same spot.


  1. Glad you are back safe and sound. Your kitty looks like one of mine...Ozzie!


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