Thursday, January 26, 2012

Geeking Out, Crocheting Now

So I HAVE been crocheting! Ha-ha-HA!

I've just finished a two-part project that is both a double-first for me, and one that I can't tell you how giddy with proud I am of it! The firsts are blocking and cross-stitching, and I'm soooo happy that I didn't muck it up! I'm also proud 'cause... aw, just let me show you the pictures!!!

I made them with Super Saver in Cornmeal and Gold.

As I said, very, very, very proud.

I can't wait to see them every morning!

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Still Alive, Still Crocheting

So I'm not a social butterfly. Big deal.

Not much has been going on, just reading, crocheting and school. I recently turned 14 on the 14th, and I'm just happy to live another year.

I'm still working on my New Year's project, it's currently going (not-so-)well, and taking it apart is nowhere on the horizon.

Okay... I'll all out of things to say. Here, enjoy a picture of Tinker.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

May I Wish For The Cold?

The weather will not make up its mind here. It was 60 last weekend, and, as predicted by Momma, this weekend should be somewhere in the teens. All for my birthday? Yay! I love cool weather! That way I can wear my scarves and hats and fingerless gloves and such!

It's raining today. A very good day to read. And to crochet.

I hope that it's rainy wherever you are so that you don't make to do much more than kick back and knock out a couple chapters.