Wednesday, July 28, 2010

When you update....

You allow people to be mad..... sorry I haven't posted, too little has gone on, and my friend came over, as you can tell from the last post. BTW, McMonster, I'm deleting that post.... This is a CROCHET blog, not a friend blog. 

Anyway, You know about three weeks ago, I showed you the 'skirt' I was starting? Well.... I ran out of yarn, so I made a dress for my stuffed rabbit. Here's some pics of it:

Nothing much has gone on, except for watching this little boy...

Though, last night, I did attempt to make a peace sign.
Starch it, sew on it a shirt, and BOOM! A brand new shirt! I may start my own trend....

Then, I ran around my house to take pictures of old stuff I have crocheted. This is my first ever doily. Cute!!!

My 2nd blanket EVAR!!! I gave it to my mom for Christmas last year, and I love it to pieces!

I desperatly need a new rug for my room, so I'm making one! Pomp-a-doodle yarn from Red-Heart is PERFECT!!! SO SOOOOFT!!!

Hot VWs came in today!!!! eek! So excited!

Okay, I have my Halloween costume.
My dad has some coveralls that I can wear... and for the hat/bandanna...

Reconize it? It's the Mod Cap from the newest issue of Crochet Today! which came in the other day. I'll do it up in red, then do the curls in red & white. Awesome!

Warehouse 13 was on again last night. I honestly knew how was the villain this time. The guy looked at her all guilty, and so did that UGLY model. Only, the UGLY model looked with a look somewhat of a hate you/drop dead kinda look, and the other guy looked at her with an 'aha!' look. But still, awesome graphics and confusing people in the plot. I mean, ain't that the whole point of it? Poor Claudia, though. At least Archie left the cafe so she and Todd could eat IN PEACE. The Todd guy is pretty cute....
Ahhh! I need a pic of Ben!!!!
Much, much better.....

Monday, July 19, 2010

JuLy 19, 2010

I am sick.NO seriously. I am. I have a cold. Blah. I took some time to take some pictures of what I've made this weekend:

Well, let's see... where to start? How about Saturday? Alright, Here I go.
Mom had me clean, so no time really to crochet, but I found time. I wanted to start a bored project. Mom was making baked potatoes, and she said that later we could make a Coke-a-cola Cake. And man, it was yummy. =P So, I flipped through a Crochet Today! issue, and found a Barbie sweater, so I made it with some discount yarn my grandparents got me. Here's the sweater.

Cute, huh? Then, during the rest of the weekend, I was totally hooked on making Barbie clothes!

I even made a Barbie biniki!
Fun! lol.

Here are the hats:



IRT was on last night. Awesome! My fave is Lisa.

The Polar Bear! Last night, someone came on the radio and told him to high-tail it back to Canada. I thought it was hilarious, no offence to him, though.

Second from the left is Jack, the king of the Alaskan Ice road.

It's true, he is. Although, in this season, he shaved his beard off. =C
He's still awesome.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010


I haven't been feeling well lately, so that makes time for a ton of crocheting. My stomach hurts like crazy! It doesn't hurt when I am sitting down, and that is werid....

Anyway, I finished the 'skirt,' I turned it into a halter dress for my stuffed bunny. I've been dabbling on my dad's blanket, and I recently started a bunny with some yarn my grandpa found at a discount shop. It's missing a leg, eyes, and a mouth. I started today a hat from a Crochet Today! magazine, while watching one of my most fave TV shows, Warehouse 13!!!! Well, I better go to bed. Good night world!

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Finished projects!

I finished my shawl last night, draining my brain with 7 HOURS OF Warehouse 13!!!! Nothing like it! Here's my shawl!

It's huge!!!!!

I got bored, so I started this. Cute skirt, huh? I like the colors.

I made this and wore it all during camp!

Awww.... so fishy in picture!!!!! =C

Warehouse 13.... are YOU watching????

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Shawling & Movies

My shawl looks great from the few days I haven't posted! Sorry about that! We got really busy yesterday changing up the living room! Here's how big my shawl is now:

Sorry about getting my rug in the picture! I was in my room and I have no big space to take pics of this HUGE shawl!

Yesterday, after we rearranged the living room, we went to town & went shopping! I got a new movie!

A-a-a-awesome! I love Narnia!

whooooo...... what was I going to sayyyyy?????

Sunday, July 4, 2010

4th of July!

My shawl is going great! But, today, I took it to church(Left it in the car) & when we left, I accidently knocked my needle between the seats. I'll have to get it later.

After church, my family decided to go to this great restaurant in town. My grandpa asked this waitress if she knew what today was for. She replied(Not to sure) "For.. the.. uh, solders?" My grandpa told her that it was when America gained it Independence from England. Then, I said, "On July 4th, 1776, the Declaration of Independence was written and signed. The last signature was added three years later in late August." She looked at me, baffled, and asked what grade I was going into. I told her 7th, and she told me that she was going into 12th and SHE didn't even know that! My mom jutted in and told her that I was a complete History nut! And it's true, I'm not afraid to admit. Ask me about a certain time in American History, and I'll tell you all I know. Some people have told me it's annoying, so take their advice. *Wink, wink* J/K. Happy Independence Day, America!!!

Friday, July 2, 2010

Some stuff....

"Summer seems like forever.... Cleaning just wastes time."

I was so bored after cleaning, I decided to give my Stardoll a makeover as close as it can get to looking like me!

First attempt....


And I.... look like cr@p.

Here is some fun colored yarn I forgot I even had!
I have some white, and I may turn them into a shawl later!

After I finish THIS ONE:

Ever heard of TDI(Total Drama Island) or TDA(Total Drama Action)? I watched both series and I am so siked that they had a new season, TDWT(Total Drama World Tour)! I watched it last night. EPIC! I like how Alejandro is a better version of Heather. He said at the end, "Compared to me, Heather is a Saint." LOL! This season is gonna rock!!!!