Friday, July 2, 2010

Some stuff....

"Summer seems like forever.... Cleaning just wastes time."

I was so bored after cleaning, I decided to give my Stardoll a makeover as close as it can get to looking like me!

First attempt....


And I.... look like cr@p.

Here is some fun colored yarn I forgot I even had!
I have some white, and I may turn them into a shawl later!

After I finish THIS ONE:

Ever heard of TDI(Total Drama Island) or TDA(Total Drama Action)? I watched both series and I am so siked that they had a new season, TDWT(Total Drama World Tour)! I watched it last night. EPIC! I like how Alejandro is a better version of Heather. He said at the end, "Compared to me, Heather is a Saint." LOL! This season is gonna rock!!!!

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