Wednesday, July 28, 2010

When you update....

You allow people to be mad..... sorry I haven't posted, too little has gone on, and my friend came over, as you can tell from the last post. BTW, McMonster, I'm deleting that post.... This is a CROCHET blog, not a friend blog. 

Anyway, You know about three weeks ago, I showed you the 'skirt' I was starting? Well.... I ran out of yarn, so I made a dress for my stuffed rabbit. Here's some pics of it:

Nothing much has gone on, except for watching this little boy...

Though, last night, I did attempt to make a peace sign.
Starch it, sew on it a shirt, and BOOM! A brand new shirt! I may start my own trend....

Then, I ran around my house to take pictures of old stuff I have crocheted. This is my first ever doily. Cute!!!

My 2nd blanket EVAR!!! I gave it to my mom for Christmas last year, and I love it to pieces!

I desperatly need a new rug for my room, so I'm making one! Pomp-a-doodle yarn from Red-Heart is PERFECT!!! SO SOOOOFT!!!

Hot VWs came in today!!!! eek! So excited!

Okay, I have my Halloween costume.
My dad has some coveralls that I can wear... and for the hat/bandanna...

Reconize it? It's the Mod Cap from the newest issue of Crochet Today! which came in the other day. I'll do it up in red, then do the curls in red & white. Awesome!

Warehouse 13 was on again last night. I honestly knew how was the villain this time. The guy looked at her all guilty, and so did that UGLY model. Only, the UGLY model looked with a look somewhat of a hate you/drop dead kinda look, and the other guy looked at her with an 'aha!' look. But still, awesome graphics and confusing people in the plot. I mean, ain't that the whole point of it? Poor Claudia, though. At least Archie left the cafe so she and Todd could eat IN PEACE. The Todd guy is pretty cute....
Ahhh! I need a pic of Ben!!!!
Much, much better.....


  1. Whoa...long post.
    You deleted MY post? rude! lol for the Halloween costume...don't you think you're a LITTLE too old for trick-or-treating? lol I know this year I won't be trick-or-treating. Lizerd and the dude (you know who I'm talking about...) are gonna play some pranks and give out candy.
    Ahh...Ben! :)

  2. Haha. I think that you ARE out of town now, anyway. Who can't go a day without looking at Ben's fab face? I know, I know, I sound like a stalker.... but, still.... He's hot and he's worth it. ;-)


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