Monday, July 19, 2010

JuLy 19, 2010

I am sick.NO seriously. I am. I have a cold. Blah. I took some time to take some pictures of what I've made this weekend:

Well, let's see... where to start? How about Saturday? Alright, Here I go.
Mom had me clean, so no time really to crochet, but I found time. I wanted to start a bored project. Mom was making baked potatoes, and she said that later we could make a Coke-a-cola Cake. And man, it was yummy. =P So, I flipped through a Crochet Today! issue, and found a Barbie sweater, so I made it with some discount yarn my grandparents got me. Here's the sweater.

Cute, huh? Then, during the rest of the weekend, I was totally hooked on making Barbie clothes!

I even made a Barbie biniki!
Fun! lol.

Here are the hats:



IRT was on last night. Awesome! My fave is Lisa.

The Polar Bear! Last night, someone came on the radio and told him to high-tail it back to Canada. I thought it was hilarious, no offence to him, though.

Second from the left is Jack, the king of the Alaskan Ice road.

It's true, he is. Although, in this season, he shaved his beard off. =C
He's still awesome.


  1. SHOW JACK NO MERCY!!! Hahahah!

  2. It's M! I got an account on Blogger! Follow me! I'm following you!


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