Tuesday, July 13, 2010


I haven't been feeling well lately, so that makes time for a ton of crocheting. My stomach hurts like crazy! It doesn't hurt when I am sitting down, and that is werid....

Anyway, I finished the 'skirt,' I turned it into a halter dress for my stuffed bunny. I've been dabbling on my dad's blanket, and I recently started a bunny with some yarn my grandpa found at a discount shop. It's missing a leg, eyes, and a mouth. I started today a hat from a Crochet Today! magazine, while watching one of my most fave TV shows, Warehouse 13!!!! Well, I better go to bed. Good night world!


  1. Hi, Cate! I may try the Dawn Treader book. I think I'm going to order a Nook from Barnes & Noble though so I can read it online cheaper than buying the book! They're half-way affordable now.

    Thanks for the recommendations.

  2. Okay! It's a good adventure book and the movie is coming out soon! Thank you for commenting!


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