Saturday, November 13, 2010

My Christmas Present.....

Hello! I told you in my last post about my parents getting me a whole lot of yarn for Christmas, and I FINALLY got it all put away! Check 'em out:

3 balls of RH super saver, Patons Shetland Country, and RH Curly Q

Fishermen's Wool LBY. Completely half off! Momma wants me to make her a blanket for her Queen-sized bed, so she bought all the Fishermen's Wool they had in stock.

 RH Stripes!

RH supersaver, Spark-a-Doodle, Designer Sport; Patons Shetland Country; Bernet Chunky

I also bought some of Vanna White's yarn, and I'm making a blanket with the pattern that I found here.

I also made my bunny and my dog a new sweater and a new dress.

And I have these books to read! I bought them at Books-a-Million last week. I'll start on them after I finish my current book(In a series with 'Syren'), Queste. Spent $52 bucks on these three. They only came in hardcover. '=|

I'm also cleaning up my room for Christmas. Some people do that during the spring, but I prefer to do before Christmas. LOL, I'm disoriented.


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