Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Oh, How Wonderful.


Niiiiiiiice, Dunise(Look on nicknames). She called on one of those 'chain voice mail' for the church. And she left a special message for my age group: 

"Friends Club, please bring your necklaces to class so we may keep them safe, and please also bring your charms that you have earned."


This is why I absolutely HATE being a kid. EVERYONE thinks that I'm irresponsable. What am I going to do with this? Yeah, I'm going tonight, but my necklace is staying home. Chew on that, CE BOARD! MWAH HA HA! lol!

But seriously, they think that I'm irresponsible. Ehh, starch that. They think that my entire age level is irresponsible. Well, that last statement is true, excluding me. How many other 13-year-olds do you know that crochet while watching The CBS Evening News and Jeopardy and screams when someone tried to change the channels?!

When they ask me where my necklace is this is what I'm gonna say:

"I think I'm old enough to keep track of a necklace, thankyouverymuch."

But I'll think:

"Stick THAT in Dunise's complaint box, idiots! Hah!"

What's the most insulting thing that someone has done or said to you? This is in my top 100's. Go figure.


  1. Such an insightful post and although I'm 52 yrs. old you transported me back to the age of eleven when I recall first encountering such situations. I also hated the feeling of being "herded" like cows into so many situations where you wondered why they figured you could not walk on your own but had to be monitored like a 3 yr. old. You are absolutely right to stand up for your feeling in this regard and please add that you are willing to take full responsibility for your actions. Gee, maybe you'd have to make another necklace if you replaced this one. So????

  2. I'm just upset that they think that we can't handle a NECKLACE. I went but my necklace stayed home. They didn't even ask. And thanks for understanding why I feel so looked down.


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