Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Yay! Updates ;D

Here are some updates...

You probably can't see it too good, but it's a light-up crochet hook. =)

Like it??

It was all Momma's idea, and I LOVE it!

And here's my current blanket! I've working on it for some time now, maybe a couple of days.

On Sunday, JJ must've learned not to ask me for historical reference, but not so much with verses. She asked me what one verse said, and I said it word-for-word, and I haven't even read it! I've heard it all my life, tho. ANNNDDDD...... Tiffster got glasses! I need my eyes checked...... BTW, so does my mom. While we were watching a movie, she said, "I see two heads..."

I'm going to a dentist/braces appointment tomorrow. =\ Last one this year, tho. =) I'm gonna get red and green for Christmas. Why no white, you may ask? The white gets to be a really ugly tan color after you eat lunch and no matter how much brushing that you do, you can never get it to that original white again. =\ Ah, well.

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