Sunday, January 23, 2011

A Happy Welcome

To the newest member of Darkside Farm,


That's him with his mom, Lipstick. (Please don't laugh. Ah, go ahead. XD)

And here is some more pictures as a welcome for Redgie!


  1. So cute! Is this a farm near you Cate? The area looks similar in the landscape to a farm at the end of my road...funny.

  2. Thanks Miss Clara. The farm is where I live. Only, we don't grow anything besides cows... LOL XD

  3. Oh, I see. Lucky you. I love cows and stop by to see the ones down the road. They always come up to the fence to see me. If anyone ever spotted me talking to them as I do...oh well :)

  4. Ha ha ha. XD I do that sometimes, too. =)

  5. It`s Micky. :) You need to post again!!! Come on!!!

  6. You`re welcome. :) It's what I'm here for. :) But seriously, post!!! :D:D:D


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