Friday, January 28, 2011

New, New, News...

Sorry that I haven't posted lately.

After I finished this blanket on Monday night, I got very intense pains in my shoulders, so no crocheting. =(

But yesterday, we got a letter in mail. It was a $10 coupon from AC Moore for our points on the card or whatever. IDK how it all works. But anyway....

Ever since I went through...
I have wanted to try hairpin lace, and I found the thing that I needed(other picture). It was only about $6, and mom got some other stuff and our total equaled up to $9.70. Basically, we got the stuff for free. XD

And another thing that happened yesterday.....

I got my hair cut!

I think that I kinda look like Claudia from Warehouse 13.

Minus the goggles and the colored streak, of course! XD
(I donated my hair to Locks of Love, BTW)

What happened to you this week?

The emperor says,
"Happy Weekend. And take lots and lots of naps."


  1. Cate! I love the blanket, so colorful and looks like the perfect blanket to snuggle up in. And the haircut is just gorgeous! Let us know how the hairpin lace goes. I tried a little Broom Stick Lace this past week. Still need alot of practice with it :-)! Glad to see you are doing well, have a wonderful weekend!!!

  2. Kitty found just the right spot! I love your is beautiful. Your hair looks great. Nice that you donated your locks too. I will try the Broom stick lace one day.

  3. Cate, I forgot to say that yes, take a break if you are having pain. I think it has to do with the position you are sitting or let's say where you are sitting that is causing you the pain. I used to sit on a really comfy couch and that gave me really bad neck pain and them I was sitting in my rocking chair but noticed I would lean my neck and shoulders forward. I now sit in an upright chair with a straight back and have good lighting beside me. I even sit on the floor in a very comfy part of the rec room and I no longer have any pain. It's worth a try :)

  4. Hey Cate's followers! I'm Micky, and my nickname is can see that in Cate's nickname list. ANYWAYS, could you guys do me the favor of checking out my blog? It's MiCKAAAAAAAY(: on Cate's blog list. Thanks!

    Anyways Cate, I really do hope your computer gets fixed so you can post again! :) I really miss hearing about your life (when do we not talk on the phone? XD) and your beautiful crochet patters!! Meet me on Club Penguin later? STAY COOL!! :D:D:D

  5. Thanks, Miss Clara. It's been better now now that I've been exercising it in different ways now. Momma even suggested some better sleeping positions to minimize my neck pain. It works. =)

    I'll post in a bit, Micky. =P

  6. Hi! I just started a new blog where we can share our creations AND the cute pics of our kitties. I hope you will post some of your sweet cat!

  7. u look nothing like cladia,check ur mirror one more time


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