Wednesday, February 2, 2011

I'm Back... With Explanations...

We moved my computer from my room to the office. No pictures yet, sorry.

And since Daddy is working on his truck lately, he hasn't hooked up my computer to the internet yet.

So, here we I are, on his computer.

At least I have some pictures!

Yes, I am starting another blanket. Granny Squares. Only, this time, smaller. XD

And I am joining a Home-school book club that starts sometime in April! The girl who takes music lessons before told me about it, and I told her that I'm in!

And speaking of books, I've been some...

My ALL-TIME, ALL-STAR favorite book. PERIOD!

I Am A Genius Of Unspeakable Evil And I Want To Be Your Class President may seem a bit.... wordy, but it's worth a shot! It's about the child genius, Oliver Watson, who tries numerous things to win his school's election. Hilarious. 100%. I read it three times.

I love this book.

Aza lives in the fictional land of Aorthiya, where both beauty and singing are prized. She only posses singing. When she is brought to the castle for the royal wedding, she is caught in a complex web of lies and tricks with her special talent of illusing. I read it twice.

And my final picture of this post...

Have a great week. =)


  1. Thank you for promoting my blog! I think they may look at it, but don't follow it. :( Anyways, maybe you should tell them about my story??

  2. Don't worry, Micky, I'll tell them about it soon.... ;-)


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