Friday, February 4, 2011

More Granny Squares

Some more granny squares for my newest blanket!

This is my Aunt's birthday gift. =)

Mine was, "Spice It Up!" (I now relize it sounds like Disney's newest show, "Shake It Up!")
But Momma came up with "Hot Moma!" He he. =)

Here's my desk in the office!

And the chair in the office. This is Daddy's chair. =) And on it, is my retro blanket!!!

And Tink got a little too excited with my yarn..... Poor, poor Governor. XD

I really love Sy-Fy. Like Micky's blog. She's posting a great story she wrote herself. Check it out when you wanna read something interesting or when you have a break from crocheting!

We've been watching the Science channel lately. Why? The most HILARIOUS show is on. It's called 'An Idiot Abroad', and me and Daddy LOVE it! It comes on at 10 PM on Saturday nights. You have to watch it. I just can't explain how HILARIOUS it is!

Well, off to crochet some more grannies! =)


  1. Awwwh, thank you for advertising me. :) That's really nice! :D:D:D Anyways, I'm thinking about DELETING The Chase off my blog and actually doing one that just pops into mind. xD

  2. Hey it's me, Micky. I'm too lazy to actually log in to blogger. xD But it's about our friendship. I talked to you yesterday. Anyways,I'm sick. :( So if you call today I probably won't be in the mood to talk.

  3. Kitty is having fun! Love that retro blanket.


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