Monday, February 7, 2011

Yes, I Am Alive

Just some stuff has been going on lately!

My Blanket progress:
I really love the colors! =P

And i became a pin-cushion today....


And I then got to climb up onto Daddy's trailer to help him re-load some of his boxes. Well, I didn't climb.... I was lifted by the forklift. Dang, I love that thing!

Nothing this week but some curling-under-blankets and school.

And a gallon of water at the least! XD

See y'all soon! Promise!


  1. Beautiful blankets, perfect for snuggling up in!

  2. Wonderful blankets. Take care!

  3. Lovely blankets. :) Love them, and I can`t wait until we get to snuggle under them this summer! :D
    (Micky wuv's yew) IT'S MICKY


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