Thursday, April 15, 2010

Crochet Class!!!

Everyone did so good I can't say who did the best! Here are some pictures I took while teaching them!

Warming up our tounges! (Like we need it, lol x])

*Yours Truly*

That's Right, Pose It, Girl!

Concentrating SOOOOO.... HARD.....

Here is a future addict of crocheting.

I got an action shot of one of my friend's knitting. Now the class knows the difference. xD

We girls MUST pose with our FAB-U-LOS yarn!

Oh Dear. It's pointed at me. And she's smiling. We should all be scared. (JK)

Well, we had lots of fun!!! Here's somethings I've learned:

*ALWAYS have patience. Even if you're helping someone and the person across the room needs help at the same time.
*STAY CALM. Even if you want to scream.
*Don't give up on them.
*After the class, they may(and will) come to you and ask for help. Greet them with a smile.
*Joke around. It stops stress. And take pictures and fool around. It makes the lesson fun & memorible.
*Teaching a big group of people your age may seem frustrating, but since you're the teacher & they are interested, they look up to you.

Okay, I hope that helps! Bye!!!!

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