Thursday, April 29, 2010

Good Morniiing!

I have some energy now. Okay, I'll tell you about the crochet class.

The Begining: My mom has a job as a hospice nurse. She went to this nursing home that she didn't even knew exsisted. She told me that the people in there liked to wear hand-made caps, sorta like prayer caps. Mom asked me if I could make them. I said that I had a better idea. I'd get my Wednesday Nite Class, Friends, to help make some!

Middle: I tried to make a hat, but failed with the base chain. The pattern was great, so I made it again, this time with a silding loop, and it held together perfectly! I took some pictures and sent them to my Friends' Sponser. She said it was awesome, so then we had a good talk about it. So, I told her that a great beginner's project was a washcloth, so Mom & I had to go and buy yarn(they paid us back later). Then, it was tiiime!!!!

Ending: We are still working. The end is far off, but it is still close(So close, yet so far!).

That's it. Okay, then, have a great day!

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