Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Wed. Nite Crochet Class

It didn't go as well as last week's, but everyone got a good word and something like "Crocheting Homework" to work on until next week. You would like to know the number of girls, huh? 12. 12 girls, sometimes 13. This evening, we had about.... oh say..... 13-15 girls. There is one girl who has taken off with it. She's on her..... 3rd or 4th row. She keeps saying, "Cate! Cate! It's geting bigger!" I told her that the single crochet brings out the true lengh of the chain. It still was fun. Well, I did take lots of pictures, but almost none of the pictures are of the girls crocheting, so I'll show you a funny picture I took of my cat the other day. Ach, nevermind. The pictures uploading isn't working. Blah. Whatever. Bye.

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