Saturday, May 1, 2010


I went to the Relay for Life in my town. Last year, this church had a awesome sale for books: a whole bag of 'em for just $1!!!!! My mom got two bags of books. Here are some of the books i got!

I asked the lady who was attending to the stand if she had any crochet books. Then, she took all of these books and out them in a bag. "Here," she said, "nobody's asked for 'em yet. They're free. I don't know which ones are crocheting and which ones are knittin', but I do know that some of them are in different languages. One page is like, Italian, and the back is English, you know, like that. But here, take 'em." I thanked her and couldn't stop smiling! That was so nice!

Of course, I needed some books to sadisfy the wild reader inside of me. The books are(left to right): So Little Time & Point of No Return[green book is two novels]; Macbeth; The Golden Fleece And the Heroes Who Lived Before Achilles; Sir Gawin And the Green Knight.

OKay, bye!!!!

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