Wednesday, September 1, 2010

=C and C=

I haven't crocheted a wink in a whole day. *Twitch* I don't know if I can go another dayy!
I got this image via google search!

Warehouse 13 last night was completely weird. I never saw that Todd was in WWP! "So you're a techie monster too?" Ha ha! Claudia's line cracked me up! I so DID NOT see the revenge thing coming on. I swear, I thought it was Alexander! How would Archie know if he had a son, he was only trading friends[...]. I didn't see H.G. Wells becoming an agent again! I wanted her to, so I guess I DID KNOW! Archie was M-A-D! I can't wait to see if Lena makes another visit! Well, she came back. And she was back in the last episode. Well, good news is she ain't in any type of trouble.
You watchin'?

My cat ain't watchin'. TINK! *sob* I THOUGHT I TAUGHT YOU RIGHT!

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