Monday, September 20, 2010

September 20, 2010

Hello, how are you? I'm fine, thanks!

Enough with plesantries, on to something else!

On Sunday I wore my shawl.

Anyway, here's some Sunday news:

I went to church. Sunday school is where the action is. (Psssss- I'm gonna give the people nicknames!)
Last week, Jumping Bean(A hyper-active non-stop talking kid) would NOT stop talking. So, when I came into the class, I hugged my teacher, JJ(Her nickname. Remember that JJ is a girl!), and I headed for the dresser in our classroom. I went through drawer after drawer, not finding what I needed. Then, Yankee(Another friend.) asked me what I was looking for. Then I found it, and I showed it to him, and then to Jumping Bean. I told him that if he talked too much today, that I'd tape him to his chair. He looked at JJ and asked her why, and JJ responded with, "Well, Cate likes to hear my lessons. Last week, she couldn't because I constantly had to get onto you and Tinder(Jumping Bean's Sister)!" Jumping Bean laughed and said that she wasn't here. But when I waved the tape around, he shut his yap. Then, our teacher, Jewel(She's really nice and a very Godly woman.), walked into the classroom. JJ told Jewel that if anyone acted up, to contact security and get that kid or person to clean out the bus. I showed Jewel the tape and said, "Don't worry about him talking. I have his calling card." The entire lesson went awesome, and not a pep from Jumping Bean. The lesson was about, odd as it seems, about controlling your tongue. Funny, huh?

Now, about today.

At 1100 hours, my dad called and said that he was just then leaving the loading building in SC and was on his way home.
At 1330 hours, my grandparents comfirmed that they were in a different state.
At 1348 hours, my mom called and said that she'd be stuck at a nursing home for about a hour.

I'm home alone! I can do whatever I want! As long as I do what they expect of me, that is. But don't worry- I want to do what they expect of me. I get respect when I do. I really mature that way.

Congrats, you put up with me for a quarter of an hour! Go and congratulate yourself with some chips and a Diet Pepsi!

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