Friday, September 17, 2010

September 17, 2010

Crochet! I have finsih #1 of my mom's socks!

Momma's sock!


Special yarn for a special gift!

So.... What's up with you?

Me? Oh, nothing much. I've been bored lately, so I did free make-overs on my Stardoll character!

This is my new profile picture!

The whole outfit! I love this! I look like I'm from the 1940s!

I like this wild/natural look.

It's an outfit I created from a store in the StarPlaza.

This, overfall, is my favorite outfit styling from that store. It's called Mortal Kiss and it's inspired from the story Stardoll is updating everyday!

I really love this outfit! Besides the makeup, the outfit is entirely Non-Super Star!

Early 1930s yellow! And Diamonds!

I know, the shoes don't match- but I couldn't find any yellow shoes that are the same color as the dress!

I hope that you enjoyed my boredom. I sure did. ;-)

Trends are fleeting; Style is forever.

(IDK who said that!)

Keep Crocheting!

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