Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Books & Gloves

As promised, here is the picture of the crochet books I got for Christmas...

I took a break from the dress 'cause I've obcessed with making gloves!

Here are some old pictures I found while cleaning off my desk...

And also found this! These are the 3D Glasses that I wore when Daddy & I went and saw VDT!

Anyway, last night, Momma and Daddy were talking on the phone about a trip....


I've been through D.C., but I've never accually been sightseeing! We're going to the Smithsonian Museums!!! EEK!!!

And I learned something from my Crochet Today! magazine...
There's a crochet coral reef exabit in the Natural History Museum! I showed the pictures to Momma & Daddy, and they're excited!!! Ekkk!

And we may just be doing it for my 13th B-day!! January 14! Yes, I'm 13! Ha ha! Besides the week we spent in Disney, this will probably be the BEST birthday!!! Yayy!!!!


  1. A birthday trip. Yay for you! I've been enjoying your blog. Nice job with the gloves and I really loved Nanster's Christmas blanket.

  2. A trip already planned for the New Year. Sounds wonderful!


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