Saturday, December 25, 2010

Christmas Traditions

We have this little Christmas tradition...

We go to Nanster's and Papa's house on Christmas Eve.

 Nanster LOVED her blanket!

 I screamed when I unwrapped this. XD

My favorite PJs. =D

And then we go home, but Daddy felt so bad that we didn't exchange out gifts to each other...


 Momma: "OH! I love these gloves... where on earth did you find that peace sign, honey? Oh, and you even made me socks!"=-
*Later* Momma: "These socks are a bit big..."
Daddy: "Oh, don't worry, you'll grow into them."
Three of us: *Burst into laughter*

 Daddy: "A Zac Brown Band hat? Thanks, Cate!"
*Later* Papa: "You know, you remind me of someone in that hat...."
Me: "Zac Brown Band?"
Papa: "Yeah!"

 Daddy: "Thanks, I love it!"

And what I wanted for Christmas!

I also got the Jeporady Wii Game, Wheel of Fortune Wii game, a couple of crochet books(pictures next post), and fun with my family!

Nanster and Papa come over on Christmas morning and we all make breakfast. =P

Merry Christmas, Everyone!


  1. I am glad you had a Merry Christmas! Great job on the hooky items! I love the afghan you gave your Nanster, where did you get the pattern? I hope the New Year is a very crafty one for you.

  2. What a great Christmas you had and all of your crochet gifts were a hit! You have a lovely family. All my love to you Cate and I hope you have a great New Year too!

  3. Thanks, Miss Clara! Miss Tracie, I used the "Your Grandma's Rose Throw" from Crochet Today! with different colors.

  4. Such a unforgettable moment! I really enjoy this lovely post, that's a great family! Hope you and yours have a Wonderful New Year, and I'm sure you will!!!

  5. Thank you lovestitch! Merry Christmas to you and your family, too!

  6. hi thanks for sharing your Christmas with all of us
    You had a great time
    All the best for the New Year


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