Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Yay! New Stove!

Remember a couple of weeks ago when our stove caught fire? Well, we went a bought a new one.

More drama than just that, though.

I HAVE to cook at sometime or another, so it was absolute toture not to be abable to bake anything for two weeks. Someone at Lowe's called us and told Momma that they'd have our new stove at our house yesterday at time from 9(AM)-12(PM). Well, they never showed. At 5(PM) when Momma was reall pi$$ed, she called them and told the store manager about it. And guess what? We now have an emergency-arrived stove and a $60 gift card. Yeppers! Nothing much standing up for yourself! Check out our awesome new stove!

It's shiny!

I just finished this hat last night. I'm now just beginning the scarves that go with it. That was Momma's idea. ^_^

And tonight, I'm also standing up for myself. I ahven't posted about the crochet class June. And for a reason. NO, and I will dare to repeat NO progress on anything. ANYTHING. I'm going in tonight and giving MIss Anuh $20 and tell her:

"I'm going to take the yarn. IT has been sitting here for almost 7 months. Take this $20 as and offering, payment, whatever. I just want this yarn not to go to waste."

Good idea? Have you ever stepped out of your comfort spot for something??


  1. Nice, new, shiny stove Cate. The gift card is a bonus that's for sure. Understand your feelings but can't really tell you how to go about it since some people actually do not deserve any words at all. Sometimes I'd rather not waste my breath no give them an opportunity to reply. An exit sometimes speaks volumes. Great hat!

  2. Thanks! I think that I should tell her that...... I know that she'll try to elevate herself, but I'm going to have that yarn yarn tonight. Thanks for advice, Miss Clara.


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