Thursday, December 2, 2010

Fridge Failure and More.....

After getting a new stove yesterday,,,,

One of our fridges in the garge quit. It was 16 years old.

To clarify, we have three fridges/freezers and one stand-alone feezer. The stand-alone freezer is made in 1950. No joke. McMonster's great-grandmother owned it. I could just about time it because of the time-line of indrusty... but enough about that...

Momma and I had to clean out the old fridge. XS

But enough about THAT....

This is my latest scarf. Not much yet, but I'm still working on it. Then after this one, maybe another hat like this one....
And I shall remind you that this was my Momma's genius idea to make three hats then scarves out of the remaining yarns.
 I wore this hat, my cool gloves and my purple scarf Wednesday nite and looked AWESOME!

I also took the time yesterday to clean off my dresser and redecorate it for Christmas! Check it out>>>

All of the painted stuff(pics 2-4) were painted by a family friend.

And also, my new Magazine came in!

Yessh! Everything in here is really cool and really country and I LOVE it!

On the radio, they played 'Blue Christmas' recorded by Elvis. I said to my Momma,
"Should we call Nanster?" And Momma lol'd. Nanster is a HUGE Elvis fan. Every time Elvis comes on the radio she calls me. XD I still love her anyway.


  1. Love the post Cate. Can't wait to see your scarves all done. I made one of the Zac hats and will post it tomorrow. Nanster sounds cool for her age.

  2. Thanks! Can't wait to see your hat! Yeah, Nanster is pretty cool. ;-)


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