Sunday, December 12, 2010

Christmas Has Found My Home!

But I have a terrible cold. I feel like some pumpkin bread Momma made with our old stove.... burnt on the outside and untouched in the middle... XP  Ah, here we go with the post anyway!

Yay! light-up-in-the-dark present! That I nearly ripped the bow off of! LOL XD

The Nativity Scene! I love putting this up every year!!

Guess who's my guest? (LOL, he's a blow-up thingy!)

I wonder what will be filling these stockings...... hmmm?

I adore this photo! It's my pretty backporch at night with all the lights!

MY shawl found itself worked on today....... WHOOPEE! LOL. XD

This was just too sweet to not show you guys.

So what are y'all doing to decorate your house? Any crochet garlands or ornaments?


  1. Hi Cate,

    Wow, you are really going great guns for someone not feeling well. I hope you will feel better very soon. So, this is your Dad with kit cat? Everyone looks so relaxed. Your photos are just lovely and your shawl is really coming along! I'm busy crocheting up a storm before the wind storm hits us...we are getting rain but I don't think it sounds as bad as they first thought.

  2. Thanks, Miss Clara! Yeah, that's Daddy and Tink. We were VERY relaxed last night. Well, rain means crochet time, so keep on working! XD


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