Saturday, April 2, 2011



I finished my shawl last night!!! Yayy!

It is now hanging with Momma's scarves and such.

We painted the bathroom today! Pretty color.

I got my CT! magazine in today! And I fell in love with some patterns!

I love this wizard cape. It's super cute!

And this. Super elegant!

The rain has subsided for the weekend. Thankfully.

It's sunny and the cat is outside. It's gonna be a very good week indeed. ONTO THE NEXT PROJECT!!!


  1. It's Micky, just signed out of blogger.

    Love the wizard cape. :) Thanks for putting my blog on there too, but I doubt anyone will come and see it. xD Thanks again, BiG SiSSY CATE!!♥

  2. Love the shawl and the edging looks good in that last photo.

  3. Thanks, Miss Clara! I really like the shawl, too. =)


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