Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Put Down That Book!!

That's what Momma said to me earlier...

So, I've been going to the library for a couple(probably more) weeks in row now, and I decided to go on a book dare, reading the first book of series I've been knocking;

Twilight and Harry Potter

The first Twilight book was bareable, though I hated just how much Bella thought of Edward. DISGUSTING.

Harry Potter, though, was really, really interesting. So, I'm reading the whole series now. Turns out, in my library, where the HP books are in hardback ONLY, the books get bigger and bigger with each installment.



So, no crocheting has happened, though I've tried a bit of knitting.

It's waaaay too hot to work outside any. 90 degrees and predicted thunderstorm everyday this week, too.


I got my EOG's doneee!

In thirty minutes, I might add.

It would take me a whole week in regular school. I love Homeschooling!

Talk to y'all soon.

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