Thursday, June 23, 2011

Finally, Something Worth Blogging ABout

I've been in such an inspiration funk lately that, for the past few days, I was accutally waiting for th UPS guy. Around here, they can come as late as 5 PM. But it was worth it.

I ordered five books off of Amazon, but strangely, the order got messed up, and I only received three, while the other two haven't even shipped yet. And when they do get shipped, it will be with some of Daddy's stuff.

A really hilarious book. Full of stuff about being a crocheting and yarn.

Really interesting, though it doesn't say about the pattern if you want to, oh, say, do something Bavarian with only one color.

This one is hugely cool. I'll might just break out some regular yarn and work some of the tablecloths into beautiful blankets.


Well, while we're at the beach, I'm gonna be teaching my Aunt to crochet!

Her interest peaked when I gave her a crocheted blanket for Christmas.

It was a beautiful varied dusty red, tan, and brown granny squared blanket. It was a first-time blanket for me, since I sc'd it together instead of my wonky whipstitch. And, it was also my first time ever making flowers, which I made and sewed onto every other blanket. The flowers were an off-white-nearly-tan, and then I made smaller flowers with leftover yarn and sewed them onto the white-ish flowers. I seriously hope that you have a mental picture of it, since I don't have an accual picture of it! XD

Ever since I gave her the blanket, she's been wanting to learn, and finally we have a chance! So, I'm gonna try my best to be a lot better of a teacher than I was when I was teaching my Wed. nite class. It's only one person, so it should be easier, right??

Well, I hope that I can post soon.

I think I'll might actually start something with regular yarn in the thread book. I've got my eye on a B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L tablecloth.

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  1. I found this really cool blog thanks to Vikki and it's about a girl named Maggie. The blog name is A Crochet Ninja...I think you'll enjoy looking at her stuff! I follow her and she has some BEAUTIFUL things, as well as some cute Sesame Street things. Check her out. :)


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