Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Humid But Sunny Days

My Point:

Yes, the fog on the lens is actually the HUMIDITY!!!!!

But, then my lens warmed up and I got these great shots:

All these sunflowers were from a bag of birdseed. Much, much, much cheaper than buying those tiny packs that never root. And the side of the house that I planted them at gets sunlight ALL DAY, so they grew like (very pretty) weeds!!! I am very proud of my flowers. =)

The pictures don't stop there;

I also took one of our hibiscus flowers and some great ones of Tink, looking at him from the ground up, instead of the sky down. Yes, I am memorized by the 'different point of view' angle. It's always fresh, no matter what angle.

There's more Tink, but I'll show you later.

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