Sunday, July 3, 2011

Goldfish & Happily Intruding Intruders

There were these tiny little birds that romped around our site for a while. That is, until we all told Nathan to grab them and put them on the other side of the campground. But I did get some good pictures!

Okay, so they're not-so-good pictures. But, in my defense, I had on zoom and had to get down really close to get these pictures, so naturally they'd be a bit blurry.


So, we had a deck of cards accually used at the Hard Rock Hotel (courtesy of Nanster & Papa). Nathan and I played Go Fish on them, and Daddy taught us how to play Blackjack. Daddy eventually admitted that he didn't remember how to play Go Fish, so I played a round with him.

But, we(Nathan, Daddy & I) wanted to play Go Fish together... so we created......


Here's how to play:

Deal each player seven cards. Dealer chooses which player goes first, or, if you can't decide, player to the left of dealer goes first.
First player asks for a card.
Let's say, four.
Any players with a four have to give the first player their card. Only one player has to hand in a card To save the first player from drawing.
If none of the players have the card, the first player has to draw cards numbering the same as the number of players.
When one player wins first place, game continues until all the players have places (second, third, etc.).
Remember: The more players, the more fun!

Here's some snapshots of our game, played with(In random games):
My Aunt
My Uncle

Tryin' it out for the first time: Three players

 Nathan laughing at Daddy's attempt to enforce Tournament Rules.

 Nathan, MY Uncle, and Momma laughing at my comment: "Can we get off the politics of this game?!?!"



First successful four-player Goldfish game. Nathan is hiding his cards. MY Aunt's at the very right

We came up with the name, because, I inherited Nanster's way of messing up every single word I say if I try hard enough.

So, when I said Go Fish, it sounded like I was saying, Goldfish.

So, either out of pity, or just to claim that we invented a game, we called the game Goldfish.

Another post later about our fabulous vacation.

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