Monday, July 25, 2011

Rome in my Room

Here's that LBY Homespun blanket:

It's definatly bigger than last time... XD

I also dug out some Fisherman's Wool and started a cape/caplet thing. I just wanted to do some cables, and I think it's working up nicely:

It's not really this shade of orange, just the effects from the flash. If it's totally white, you can't see anything except for a white blob.

We went to Asheboro today, and Books-A-Million was having a $3-$2-$1 sale! They always put classics out, so I snatched up a couple. I got a bunch by one of my favorite authors, Charles Dickens.

And I got some new posters! I took down alot of my Taylor Swift stuff. I'm so lazy, I only put up one:

I took a crappy shot, sideways, and my computer is being a bit weird on me. But, anyway, here it is:

It looks like a dirtdober nest when it's on it's side...

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