Monday, July 18, 2011

Tinker & Sugar

I watched Nat Geo's Documentery, 'The Photographers' today.

The movie is about, well, photographers for the Nat Geo magazine. It was made back when film was dominate, but it's still amazing. They talk about what it takes to get 'that perfect shot' for the magazine, and all the trials that they go through on a regular basis to get those amazing shots.

One guys said that it wasn't fun, it was work.

But, a more senior photographer said that it's his passion, and he couldn't think of anything else. And that the kind of photography that he does really makes you feel more human, more real, more aware of the world around you.

Can you guess whose opinion I like the most?

If the whole writing thing doesn't work out, I'd defiantly go for Nat Geo photography.

So, with the spirit that the movie gave me, I took some more pictures. Of Tinker and Sugar. Out of the near ninety, here are the over-all best:

(Click to enlarge)

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