Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Pictures? Yeah, Right.

We started school back(since we can't go outside AT ALL), and now we're doing this laid-back style that's been paid for by a heavy price- a lot of arguing and facepalms. We've got it figured out, and hopefully Momma (and me) can understand all this.

Like I told Daddy last night,

"They just teach me the same stuff over and over, only beefing it up each go-round."

And, to help me keep my sanity, I decided to find ways to help me focus. I crochet hats while I read. I listen to Orchestra music while doing Math, English, etc.

I finally got Daddy's sweater planned! I ordered some(just two) cable/Aran/Celetic knitting books off of Amazon so I could study the cable and try to convert them to crochet.

I have the yarn, the idea I want of shaping, yadda yadda yadda.

I just need to know how big Daddy would like it. Hmm... Looks like I'll either be measuring Daddy himself or one of his sweatshirts.

I hope to have some pictures of my hats later on.

Talk to you soon.

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  1. can't wait to see the hats...it is so hot everywhere....thank God we live near the beach at least we get some cool air, but it is hot here to ...


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