Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Earth, Dogs & Crocheting....

Another sorry, I-haven't-written-in-a-week post. Nothing uch happened, except that I got a dog sitting job from my neighbor! She's really nice. Her dogs are Australian Herding dogs. They have lots of energy. I totally wore out one of them by throwing her Frisbee for so long. Now, for some crocheting....

 It's really long, so I folded it up.

There's the edging!

 The final doily for my grandparents, a whole month late!

 I began this square as a way to burn some cheap yarn my grandpa found. It gets bigger later on in the post.

We went to A.C.Moore the other day!

Yarn to finish my rug, yarn to make the hat, and some discount yarn for a scarf! (PS: I'm not going to make the hat. =/ )

 My finished rug!

The finished green granny square from before, with my rug to show size.

Momma made cornbread with a mix of it from Cracker Barrel and they were DELICIOUS!!!! We ate so many, that only three were left!

 Sug, can I join ya? IT's been so hot, and the heat waves just KEEP COMING!!!! It feels like 105 outside! No humidity!

 Warehouse 13 was on again Tuseday. So funny. He played with an artifact at a meusem and went bonkers. The funniest part was the secrity camera's video. LOL!!!! Kissing an invisable girl. He REALLY needs to stop dating....
Cauldia STILL is single, I think anyway. I haven't seen the cross-over episode when she goes to Eureka. That's a must-see!

This show came on last night, so I watched it. Totally HILARIOUS!!!! He doesn't know how to work technology! And the girl, she's hilarious. ALWAYS outsmarts the guys! And his cousin, totally stupid, yet so adorably funny! WHAT AM I SAYING?!?! ADORABLY??? BEN, WHERE ARE YOU?!?!

 Oh. There you are. And with Skandar....

I have never ended a post without Ben. I don't really care.

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