Sunday, August 22, 2010

Old Pictures On the Laptop

I'm using the laptop in the living room. Why? 'Cause, I wanna. Here a picture of our last cat, Miss Kitty.

 AWWW!!!!!! She was the sweetest cat until we went on vacation and she went crazy......

 Another reason why I'm on the laptop is because in a minute I'm gonna work on my new bag! And, because Monster Quest is on!!!! I'm not a really big fan, but I like to watch weirdos(This is a actual word!) chase an imaginary creature in the dead of night. Yeah, I'm COMPLETELY weird. HA HA.

 Today was  special for me. Today, I graduated Children's' Church. Here is what my teacher said of me and another friend.(* I will call my friend by the name of Anna. That is not her name.*) We have been taught by her since we were in Kindergarden;

 "When I started teaching in Children's Church, about seven years ago, I starting teaching Cate and (*)Anna since they were in Kindergarten or first grade. [.......] They are all role models. After you make your mark on this wall, go out that door and make a mark on the world. Even if you are not in this class anymore, the younger kids will always be looking up to you."

 That totally inspired me. She is actually leaving that class to go do something that she thinks that God is leading her to. That was her last Sunday too. Someone else will be teaching that class. Maybe the Kid's Pastor. The only things that I saw him do were being the Dean of Boys at camp, and sometimes watching over the roomful of kids if she can't be there. Boy, my church is confusing...

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