Saturday, August 21, 2010

Not much Crochetin'

We remodeled our office, so that's why I couldn't post lately. I haven't crocheted, either, even though I have an incredibly cute project! PICTURE TIIIME!!!!

 I'm working on this! I have only one eye made, and it's inside the bag.

Thanks to this piece of plastic, my comforter is trash. So are some of my sheets. Mom & I tried to super-glue it together. Some of the glue didn't dry all the way. And it glued itself to my bed.

 The new color for our office!

 Remember this blanket? Now that we'll have to get rid of my comforter, I'll replace with this blanket until we can get a new one.

 I finished reading....
 (Sorry, no better pics! BTW, I got this off of Amazon!)
 It's a really good book. At the end, I was sad that it had to end. It was a beautiful story.

Now, I'm working on "The Castle in the Attic"

 Last night, we watch "The Last Song".
 This was Miley's WORST movie yet. She totally lowered the bar for the rest of the cast, and they stepped over it. They tried to make it work. But sadly, you can't make Miley work. NEVER. She is a terrible actress. And that's only the beginning of my complaints. The movie is totally off from the book. One of the main characters is shown only three times THE ENTIRE MOVIE, the actor who plays Will is waaaay too old for the role, they didn't say why the parents got divorced, too much emotion from little cause, and a terrible "winging-it" plot line. They said that Nickolas Sparks(Author of the novel, The Last Song,) was writing the script for the movie while he was writing the book. That's a total lie. The book, by far, was WAAAAAAAAAAY better.

 So, that's part of my weekend. How was yours?

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