Sunday, August 29, 2010

Sinfle.... Paint.... Crochet.... MUSIC?

I have been sick lately......


Here's the finished bag!
Since I had some of those colors lefts, I made an iPod holder!!

Cute, huh?

Here's my bed with that blanket for the comforter!

I've finished these two. They were great books! (Left to right: The Castle in the Attic; Fantastic Mr. Fox)

I plan to read these! They're a little bit more grown-up than the two before, but I think they'll be worth a shot! (Left to right: The Search for Delicious; Princess Academy; The Hunchback of Notre Dame)

Do you wonder what I'd make with this? Well, of course you WOULDN'T, you have a life. But I'll SHOW you anyway. No take-backs.

I Like it! I did the pattern as the same for that blazer in the latest Crochet Today! issue!

Okay, I've been totally obcessed with this band.
Allstar Weekend!!!!! Ain't they cute?

"When I fall down
I know I've got this weekend to live
I'm gonna get my freak on
It carries me
And we'll be rocking our playlist"
~The Weekend, Allstar Weekend

OH! You want me to get to the paint part? Oh, yeah!!!!
That's all I'm showing you. (PSSSSSSS!!!! Mine are the purple ones! I'M SPECIAL!!!!)

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